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The Weird and The Wonderful of The Online Auction World

3 Min Read

The Internet brings out the best in society; it enhances our understanding of the world by allowing us to engage with other cultures and experience things we’re not familiar with, and allows us to band together with common purpose. At the same time, the Internet can often drag you down a rabbit hole, leaving you faced with some pretty bizarre things, if you know where to look, often those bizarre things are up for auction online!

The Wackiest Online Auctions We’ve Ever Heard Of

We delve into some of our favourite weird online auction listings:

  1. Ssssswallowed Golf Balls

We’re pretty sure there’s nothing tasty about a golf ball and we don’t feel the need to test the theory, but one poor python learned about eating golf balls the hard way when he mistook four golf balls for chicken eggs in January 2008. The golf balls were surgically removed from the python by veterinarians at Gold Coast’s Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, before being put up for auction to raise funds to build a new wildlife sanctuary. The golf balls, x-rays and photographs of the surgery were then auctioned off and the python was released back into the wild.

Winning Bid: AU $1,401.00

  1. A Beer-illiant Listing

How much would you pay for a fun-filled weekend with four Aussie blokes, complete with beers, snacks and good conversation? In February 2006, four Australian men – who were drinking the great golden elixir that has spurred many great ideas across the world – had a Eureka moment: they decided to make the most of their great banter and listed their company on eBay. Although the group weren’t willing to pay for the travel costs of the highest bidder, they did promise a “heck of a lot of laughs.”

Winning Bid: AU $1,300.00

  1. Selling the Land of the Long White Cloud

Sometimes when you’re online shopping, you come across things you aren’t exactly looking for and occasionally, you get the rush of finding a real gem of a listing, like an entire country for sale. In 2006, an Australian man decided that our neighbour, New Zealand, should be up for sale on an auction site. The man started the bidding at one cent ($0.01c) and over 6,000 hits later, the bidding quickly climbed to $3,000.00 before eBay stepped in to shut the listing down.

Highest Bid: AU $3,000.00

  1. Even Guinea Pigs Need Protection

It’s the listing you never knew you needed: a hand-made suit of armour for your guinea pig. The seller posed questions such as “Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmoured and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea pigs? Has your guinea pig ever wanted to go with you to a Renaissance Faire but had nothing to wear?”

The seller from Virginia in the United States donated 100% of the sale to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.

Winning Bid: US $1,150.00

  1. The Meaning of Life

According to the highest bidder on a US eBay listing, the Meaning of Life is worth US $3.26. Only eight people were curious enough to bid on the listing, which promised to share the discovery with the highest bidder. Unfortunately at Gregsons, we weren’t the winning bidder, so we can’t share the infinite wisdom about the Meaning of Life with you.

Winning Bid: US $3.26

Gregsons do things a little differently when it comes to online auctions in Perth. While we can’t say we’ve ever been asked to put up an entire country for auction, we do have our own quirks; you can see what weird and wonderful items we’ve had through at Gregsons auctions. Keep your eyes peeled in the future; you just never know what you may find at a Gregsons auction.

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