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We hate to admit it but Russell Crowe’s “Art of Divorce Auction” might be the biggest auction of the year

2 Min Read

On 7 April 2018, Sotheby’s Australia auctioned the private collection of the actor, film producer, director and musician, Russell Crowe. On Good Morning America he stated that the sale was a form of catharsis after his divorce from his wife of 9 years, Danielle Spencer.

Crowe promoted the auction on his Twitter and Instagram with imagery that channeled ‘the most interesting man in the world’. Adding to the bizarre nature of the entire auction it took place on Crowes birthday and wedding anniversary of April 7th. The auction consisted of 226 items that ranged from Crowe’s collection of important Australian art to prop horses from his film ‘The Gladiator’.

All these weird and wonderful items sold for a cumulative total of $3.7 million that Crowe jokes will go to funding his divorce. This impressive number makes it one of the highest grossing private auctions this year and Gregsons took a look at some of the most expensive items sold and who is buying them, including the National Museum of Australia.

Held in Sydney’s carriage works Crowe himself showed up to watch his personal items be sold. Stating after the auction on Twitter “…. not a bad hourly rate for a 5-hour shift.” About the $3.7 million in items sold.

Gregson’s put together a list of the highest bid on items:

  • Charles Blackman artwork “The Suitor” (1960) – $360,000
  • The 1986 Grammy Award presented to Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Sam Phillips, Rick Nelson and Chips Moman — $150,000
  • Violin by Leandro Bisiach Sr (1864-1946) used by Crowe as the character Captain Jack Aubrey in the film Master and Commander (2003), dated 1890 — $135,000
  • Stunt cuirass worn by Crowe when his character Maximus died in the 2000 film Gladiator — $125,000
  • Costume for the character Captain Jack Aubrey from Master and Commander (2003) – $115,000
  • Replica Roman chariot from Gladiator — $65,000
  • Mounted Mosasaur skull, late Cretaceous period — $65,000
  • Pair of black leather wrist cuffs from Gladiator — $32,000
  • Templar tunic and chain mail from the film Robin Hood (2010) – $16,000
  • The costume worn for the character Javert during the performance of the song Stars in the 2012 film Les Miserables — $16,000
  • Blue wool vest for the character Javert in Les Miserables — $12,000
  • Brown leather hood from Robin Hood — $11,000
  • Leather pair of Dr Martens boots from the movie Romper Stomper (1992) – $10,000
  • Leather jockstrap worn by Crowe in the 2005 movie Cinderella Man — $7,000
  • Two life-size prop horses from Gladiator — $5,500 each

We agree, Russell, not bad for a 5-hour shift. At Gregsons, we might not have Dr Martens worth $10,000 but we do have lots of great items sold at reasonable prices that you can bid on for your home and business. Check out our current auctions to see all the deals.

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