The Gregsons Guide to Buying a Light Vehicle or Truck at Auction

13th Nov 2018

The Gregsons Guide to Buying a Light Vehicle or Truck at Auction

One of our most popular auction categories at Gregsons is Automotive, Trucks and Marine. We acquire a wide selection of items and host a number of events throughout the year. This November, our Perth Multi-Vendor Light Commercial Vehicles and Transport Auction offers buyers a choice of over 50 items! To help narrow down your selection, we’ve provided our top tips of things to look out for when buying a light commercial vehicle or truck at one of our Perth automotive auctions.

Low Kilometres 

When purchasing any new vehicle, it’s important to be aware of the mileage as it can hugely affect its longevity. Depending on the engine model, the mileage point is a good indicator of when an engine rebuild might be required. We’d always recommend looking for a lower mileage if you’re planning on driving frequently over long distances, but the engine on many trucks and commercial vehicles is very robust, so don’t be completely put off by a higher odometer reading.

Once you’ve shortlisted your preferred vehicles, do some online research to see what the recommended mileage is for that type of vehicle, assuming it has been well maintained.


Vehicle Quality

A used commercial vehicle or truck tends to show some signs of wear and tear – which isn’t a reason to be put off purchasing – but there are certain aspects that need to remain to a certain standard.

Always perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle before purchase. Look at details such as oil levels, body rust and tire tread. These are all key indications of the health of your light vehicle or truck, so don’t be afraid to ask for further records if you think the quality of the car isn’t up to speed.

Maintenance History

In addition to your own inspection, it is crucial that you request to see the log books and vehicle records. It’s important to know things such as: has the commercial vehicle / truck had a regular service history? Have any parts been replaced? When was the last oil change? Is there an accident history? Once you have a grasp of the vehicle’s history, you’ll be able to get a sense of any potential service you might have to carry out after purchase.

Gregsons Service

Gregsons Auctioneers and Valuers are experienced and knowledgeable sellers, with meticulous records and details on the vehicles we sell. Our transparency and attention to detail is why our customers return year after year.

Our online auction offers detailed descriptions and multiple images, so you can inspect our commercial vehicles and trucks from anywhere in the world. Make sure you check out our Online Multi-Vendor November Light Commercial Vehicles & Transport Auction now!