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Who Are the Computer Kings? | The Best Laptops on the Market

2 Min Read

Time to update your laptop or computer? Narrowing down the numerous possibilities can be painful. Before entering the market, we recommend you take a look at our current and upcoming laptop, tech and computer auctions, and familiarise yourself with the process of buying through an online auction via our handy guides!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best-rated computer brands for your purchasing guidance. Here are the top five brands to look out for at our next computer and laptop auction.



Apple has been the ruler of the laptop world for a while now, with their continual technological and design growth, they are yet to release a model that has been a disappointment to their loyal fanbase. Apple’s laptop journey proves their dominance in easy to use, beautifully designed and highly functioning technology, with different models to suit an array of needs – whether it be the Air for on-the-go students, MacBooks for the business man/woman or iMac for the photographer or design enthusiast – Apple has everyone covered.



Arguably one of the strongest competitors to Apple’s growing dominance in the computer world, Dell boasts stunning 4K displays in their latest models, as well as incredibly long battery life that outlasts many competitors. Dell doesn’t mess around and is continually advancing their design and technology to compete with the best in the business.



Popular amongst gamers for some time, Razer is fast becoming a favorite for high-level laptop users. With stunning displays across all models and powerful technology to withstand even the fiercest of gaming competitors – if you take your tech seriously, Razer is for you.



If you’re looking for something a little different in the laptop market – then a Microsoft model could be for you. With a range of designs, including a tablet keyboard hybrid, Microsoft has recently upped their game – and competes amongst the best in both performance and display. Sleek, beautifully designed and filled with opportunity, Microsoft’s tablet and computers are hard to look past.


Gregsons laptop auctions

Gregsons tech and laptop auctions feature a wide range of quality brands – so keep an eye out for our upcoming laptop auctions and you could score yourself an Apple, Microsoft or Dell computer for cheap as chips!


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