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Knowledge is everything, and at Gregsons we want to share ours with you! Gregsons have been offering valuation reports to the Australian marketplace for over 30 years, developing a reputation for speed, reliability and technical knowledge along the way. Simply request a valuation by clicking on the below button.
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Gregsons handle valuation reports ranging in size from single items for individuals through to entire fleets of equipment for major international corporations.
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Jonathan Gregson

Managing Director, Cert IV Business (Valuation Specialities)

Jon is the Managing Director and Owner of Gregsons and has been working in the family business since 1976. Jon has overseen generations of growth and change at Gregsons and was instrumental in transitioning the business from antiques to industrial equipment, a key factor in our success moving through the generations.

Jons auctioneering and valuation experience spans a huge range of industries from Engineering, Transport, Earthmoving, Civil, Industrial to Marine and Aircraft with thousands of auctions conducted under his hammer as well as thousands of valuation reports on a large number of recognisable Australian businesses.

Jon has conducted an array of major event auctions since 1976 including:

The Pollock Group of Companies
– $13M+ Sales Value
– 1,500+ Assets over 4 live auction events

Drilling & Grouting Services
– $7M+ Sales Value
– 1,000+ Assets over 2 live auction events

Boddington Earthmoving
– $3M+ Sales Value
– 300+ Assets

More recently, Jons focus on innovation saw the business transition in 2017 from a live auctioneering business to a 100% online auction business, establishing the business as an industry leader and setting the business up for continued future success.

Jons qualifications include:

American Society of Appraisers Qualifications:
– Accredited Senior Appraiser Machinery and Technical Specialities
– Aircraft Designation
– Mining Designation

Certificate IV in Business (Valuation Specialities)

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Jack Gregson

General Manager / Director , B.COM, CPA, ASA, NAAA

Jack has been with the Gregsons Team since 2012 and is the 4th generation of family members involved with the Gregsons family business. Jack has completed his American Society of Appraisers (‘ASA’) designation in Machinery and Technical Specialities / Machinery and Equipment as of 2015.

As the General Manager, Jack is responsible for the day to day operations, growth and future strategy of Gregsons, the organisation of all layers of staff and the organisation and setup of all online auctions on behalf of our clients.

After his first year in the business Jack recognised the requirement for an online aspect to Gregsons auction services so began the implementation of the Gregsons online and simulcast auction systems in 2013. Jack has been critical in the introduction of both the online and simulcast auctions systems and initially ran all aspects of this business section during the initial growth phase. Jack has negotiated the partnerships between Gregsons and Webtron simulcast system, Auctionator online system and recently the major agreement between Gregsons and a leading US auction software provider, which has culminated in Gregsons shifting to a 100% online auction business from January 2017.

Jack has undertaken the management of numerous auctions with one the largest in recent years begin the disposal of the assets of Brierty Ltd (Administrators Appointed) on behalf of KPMG, achieving outstanding results as follows:

  • 43+ Online Auctions over 8 weeks
  • $20+ Million in Auction Sales
  • 4,297 unique bidders participating
  • 2,686 individual lots
  • 54,657 individual bids placed
  • 100% clearance rate achieved
  • lots sold to every Australian state, New Zealnd, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, South America & the UAE.

Jack has extensive experience in Insolvency and Finance having worked at KordaMentha Perth Office (a top tier Insolvency firm) for three years prior to joining Gregsons. Jack also has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia majoring in Investment Finance, Financial Accounting & Management, Certified Practicing Accountants (‘CPA’) designation, National Aircraft Appraisers Association (‘NAAA’) designation which was completed in the United States in 2014 and his General Auctioneers License.

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Paul Ward

Head Of Valuations, ASA

Paul has been with Gregsons for over 30 years, starting work in our Beaufort St warehouse selling antiques and collectibles. Paul was a key factor in the success of Gregsons during the shift to industrial and mining equipment auctions and valuations and is an industry leader in both these areas within Western Australia.

Paul has conducted a huge array of auctions as well as thousands of major and minor valuations during his employment at Gregsons, many of these for some of WAs leading companies.

Paul has completed numerous qualifications including:

American Society of Appraisers Qualifications

– Accredited Senior Appraiser Machinery and Technical Specialities
– ASA Inventory Designation
– ASA Mining Designation
– ASA Marine Designation.

Certificate IV in Business (Valuation Specialties)

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Matthew Lindsey

Valuations & Auctions Manager, ASA

Matt joined the Gregsons team in 2007, overseeing our warehouse, logistics and auction operations in addition to providing expert valuations on a wide variety of assets.

As our Valuations and Auctions Manager, Matt’s practical and extensive knowledge of industries, equipment and the current market informs accurate and detailed reports as part of Gregsons industry leading valuation service.

A key figure in Gregsons client relations team, his proactive approach to value-based relationships has not only established new opportunities for our clients, but also strengthened existing business relationships.

Prior to joining the Gregsons team, Matt’s career has spanned an array of industries including agricultural, machinery and commercial fishing in addition to fifteen years’ experience within the mining industry focusing on gold, bauxite and copper production.

Matt qualifications Include:
– American Society of Appraisers
– Accredited Senior Appraiser Machinery and Technical Specialities
– Agriculture Training Certification
– General Auctioneers License

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David Jeffs

Assistant General Manager , B. COM (LAW), ASA

David has been with the Gregsons Team since mid-2014 and completed his American Society of Appraisers (‘ASA’) designation in Machinery and Technical Specialties / Machinery and Equipment in 2017. As the Assistant General Manager,  David is key to Gregsons day to day general management, which he does alongside our General Manager Jack Gregson, as well as the implementation and management of future strategy and direction at Gregsons.

David has been involved in the earthmoving and civil construction industry for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of this field from both an Australian and International perspective having been involved in the purchase and sale of heavy equipment on a worldwide basis.

David holds a Bachelor Commerce degree from Curtin University majoring in Law.

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Megan Bell

Business Administration Manager

Megan has been with Gregsons since 2012 and is responsible for managing the Accounting Department at Gregsons and overseeing the smooth operation of the administration team.

Megan’s thorough approach stems from her strong background in senior bookkeeping and administration. Her previous roles included working in an engineering consultancy firm in the Oil & Gas industry for ten years as a Business Administration Manager. She is experienced in all aspects of bookkeeping along with compliance related work including BAS, State Revenue and ATO reporting.

As Gregsons Administration Manager, Megan is also responsible for ensuring all our post auction processes are completed. Whilst managing the administration team she is also consistently reviewing and preparing procedures to ensure efficient processes and practices are maintained at Gregsons.

Megan holds a Diploma of Commerce majoring in Accounting.

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Jermayn Parker

Online Auction Manager

Jermayn has been with Gregsons since 2014 and currently holds the position of Online Auction Manager. Jermayn played a key role in Gregsons transition from live auctions to a 100% online system and today is able to smoothly run the day to day operation of our online department and Gregsons online presence.

In his role he works closely with all departments within Gregsons to plan, curate and manage our online auction schedule. His knowledge of our assets and systems also enables him to manage customer and vendor enquiries.

Prior to Gregsons, Jermayn was a manager for fast-paced digital agencies, giving him extensive experience in navigating, maintaining and advancing online systems.


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John Rowney

Online Auction Assistant

Since 2015, John has been a key member of Gregsons Online Auction team. As our Online Auction Assistant, John provides support to our Online Auction Manager, coordinating and executing day to day IT operations and maintenance of our industry leading online auction system.

John’s role encompasses the creation and upload of technical auction content and imagery, ensuring Gregsons provides accurate, reliable and informative lot data for our customers. John also assists with any computer and technology needs for Gregsons internal operations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Internetworking and Network Security and Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Cyber Forensics obtained from Murdoch University.

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Debbie Dickson

Motor Vehicle Administrator

Debbie has been with Gregsons since 2005 and currently holds the position of Motor Vehicles Administrator. During her tenure with the company Debbie has gained extensive experience in the Administration Department, establishing herself as a ‘fountain of knowledge’ to our clients and support teams.

In her current role, Debbie deals with all matters relating to light vehicle, heavy commercial, earthmoving equipment including all yellow equipment. With access to the online platform for the Department of Transport, Debbie can provide compliance for all motor vehicle matters to our clients and customers.

Debbie’s extensive experience with Gregsons operations sees her traverse not only compliance and licencing, but additionally providing support for valuations and in reporting while assisting our Auction & Administrations team.

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Gerard Luscombe

Collections Coordinator

Gerard has been employed with Gregsons since December 2017. In his role he is responsible for managing and coordinating all auction collections, working closely with the auction & administration teams.

With extensive experience in the retail and commercial banking industry for over 25 years, Gerard brings a wealth of knowledge to the organisation having upheld roles in lending and business development.

Gerard was an Insolvency Manager for a leading firm for over 15 years that specialised in Court Appointed Liquidations, Creditors Voluntary Liquidations, Deed of Company Arrangements, Personal Insolvency Administrations and Debtor Finance Compliance Audits.

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Kate Blake

Receptionist & Office Administration Assistant

Kate joined the Gregsons team in early December 2017 bringing an extensive 10-year background in administration to the organisation. Since then, Kate has taken on the everyday management of reception and is the face of the Administration team.

Kate’s primary duties include processing customer payment and invoices, as well as responding to general enquiries received via phone, email and in person.

Leading our front of house customer experience, her friendly and bubbly personality delivers warm, friendly and professional customer service as a first point of contact for customers at our Welshpool reception desk.

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Sue Ahnau

Administration Team Assistant

Sue joined the team in December 2018 as our Administration Team Assistant.

Sue is responsible for assisting our team of valuers with the curation of valuation reports. As a point of contact for Gregsons and professional client liaison, Sue assists in maintaining strong business relationships with our Finance Broking and Banking clients, preparing professional presentations, proposals and reports

Sue comes from a background in Administration and Finance, gained primarily within the Local Government sector. Prior to joining Gregsons, Sue owned and operated a family business alongside her husband for more than 10 years, giving her extensive experience in business administration and customer and clients relations.

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Lyn Ong

Administration/Accounts Assistant, B.COM (Accounting & Finance)

Lyn joined the Gregsons team in December 2018 as the Administration and Account Assistant. Lyn has worked in similar roles since completing her studies in 2007 and with over 10 years of experience across a broad range of industries, Lyn’s process driven approach to administration professionally supports the fast paced environment within Gregsons.

In her role, she provides support with after-auction processes, accounting and other accounts payable duties. Lyn will also assist with customer invoicing and general enquiries from clients and customers.

Lyn studied at Edith Cowan University where she completed a Bachelor of Business Degree, majoring in Accounting and Finance.

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Sarah Hay

Online Auction & Warehouse Assistant

Sarah commenced working at Gregsons in 2010 and has established herself as a valuable member of our warehouse team. Now holding the position of Online Auction & Warehouse Assistant, she is responsible for coordinating the warehouse operations and working closely with the online team to streamline the ‘asset to auction’ process.

Sarah plays a vital role in coordinating the warehouse; from staff scheduling to asset layout and organisation and archiving. She is able to plan and manage a successful online auction through to the end process of customer collections.

Sarah’s knowledge and experience enables her to provide professional assistance to all customers and vendors inquiries pertaining to the collecting, consigning and delivery of assets.

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Mark Wilkinson

Warehouse Assistant

Mark joined the Gregsons team in late 2013 as one of our warehouse assistants and directly manages transport, logistics and our offsite auctions.

With extensive experience in machinery across a variety of operating landscapes, Mark brings a wealth of diverse knowledge to Gregsons over 13 years of experience working in the Agriculture, Transport and Logistics as well as Commercial Fishing industries.

In his role, Mark primarily deals with larger machinery, gathering equipment information and visually documenting assets. His role often requires work off-site, organising auctions and assisting with inspection and collection of assets from sites and facilities right across Western Australia.

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Naomi McKay

Warehouse Assistant

Naomi started as a Warehouse Assistant at Gregsons in July 2017.

In her dynamic and varied role, Naomi assists with cataloguing and producing imagery of assets, yard organisation, as well as offsite auctions organisation, inspections, and collections.

Before Gregsons, Naomi worked for many years within the Mining and Drilling industry.

Having worked in a variety of roles encompassing machine operation, organisation and archiving, her current role utilises Naomi’s broad skill set to assist with our comprehensive warehouse and yard operation requirements.

Naomi excels in delivering great customer service, helping with auction enquiries, inspections & assistance with the collection process.

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Tayla Ellis

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tayla joined our team in February 2019 as our Digital Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for the promotion of auctions across various online media in addition to the day-to-day marketing communications for the business.

She actively seeks to connect both clients and customers with Gregsons using emergent technologies amongst traditional channels, while the organisation continually adapts to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

With qualifications in business and extensive experience working with a global tech company, Tayla brings a wealth of knowledge to Gregsons leading the marketing and communications department.