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How to set up your one-stop-workshop

4 Min Read

How to set up your one-stop-workshop


Our workshop machinery auctions are perfect for finding all the essentials to kit out your work space. Time to transform your garage from a dumping ground to a productive hub where you can get things done!


As much as it’s a place to complete projects, setting up your workshop is a project in itself! If you have unlimited time and budget, the options are endless – but we know that usually isn’t the case! We’ve pulled together Gregsons’ must have workshop essentials so you can set up shop with everything you need to get started.


Storage is king

Planning is crucial at the early stages so you can work out the space you have available and where you’re going to set everything up. Write a list of all the essential things you’ll need to include (don’t worry, we’ve done that bit for you below!) and consider if your garage will be able to accommodate everything while ensuring workshop safety with enough room to move.


If you think you might be running a little light on space, there are plenty of storage hacks you can try, including:

  • An awning for more coverage
  • Peg board panels on the walls for smaller items/tools
  • Folding/slide away workbench
  • Shelving units with hooks for tool hangers to double up on space
  • Pull out drawers and cabinet space


All the tools!

Regardless of your workshop’s purpose, you’ll want to invest in a suite of tools that you can rely on. At Gregsons, we hold a wide range of power tool and workshop machinery auctions throughout the year, featuring high quality items from major brands at reduced prices.


In our opinion, every workshop needs a standard set of hand and power tools, including:

  • Battery & Corded Drills
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Multibit screwdriver
  • Table saw
  • Grinder
  • Belt sander


Chances are, you’ll need more than this for any specific project – but this is a good place to start when it comes to decking out your workshop essentials!

TIP: Check out our article on The top 3 brands to bid on at our tool auctions 

The perfect workbench

A perfect workbench will look different to everyone, because it depends on your workspace and the type of project you’ll be completing. That’s why building your own is often the best way to go, as you can custom design your bench to suit!


Whether you choose to build or buy, make sure you consider the following first:

  • Durability: is your bench sturdy enough to stand the test of time and the type of work you’ll be doing?
  • Size: is the bench the right height for you, and does the top offer enough room to work safely and efficiently?
  • Versatility: can your bench fold away when not in use, or does it offer additional storage if you’re short on space?


Electrical set-up

Lots of items from our workshop machinery auctions will require access to a power outlet, so it’s a good idea to set up enough outlets in useful locations around your workshop that allow you the freedom to move around – without tripping over a cable!


Aside from hooking up your power tools, you should also consider the other essential workshop factors which will require electricity, such as lighting, heaters/AC and speakers to name a few! Have a chat with a local electrician to see what they would recommend in terms of optimum outlet locations for the space you have available.


Gregsons workshop machinery auctions

Feeling ready to set up your one-stop workshop? Check out our website to see our upcoming online auctions where you can find lots of workshop essentials up for bidding!

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