How to build your ideal office

19th Sep 2018

Having a comfortable and functional office space is so important for creating a strong working environment. But establishing the ideal workspace not only keeps your employees happy – you’ll actually see a return on investment. Studies by Gensler indicate that a well-designed office space directly correlates to increased productivity of employees, which in turn leads to driving higher profits for the business.

Don’t think your office space is important? Think again. A well-designed work space is one of the biggest contributors towards creating a strong company culture. The interior design, layout and versatility of your work space are three of the most important aspects you should consider when building your office.

Gregsons host a huge range of auctions with storage solutions, office furniture and technology that will help you to achieve your ideal work space. But first, you need to start with a clear plan. To help start the process, we’ve come up with a few tips for creating the ideal office space.

  1. You can’t create something out of nothing – so work with your existing reference points. The work space you create needs to align with your company, so look to define your business values and processes before you begin designing a work space. That way, you’ll be able to form a functional space that brings your business principles to life!
  2. Create multiple workable spaces. Don’t limit your staff members to one desk from 9-5. Studies show that offering employees a variety of spaces to work in can increase their productivity levels (Gensler). Give your staff the freedom to move through various spaces depending on their project or mindset. Morgan Lovell, the leading workplace fit-out, strategy and design company in the UK, have different spaces named after the activity that takes place in there. Workplace director Monica Parker says, ‘the noodle room has a writeable wall and very comfortable seating, and it’s where we noodle around ideas. We also have the pit stop, the huddle and the ‘bored room’. Parker’s work spaces are varied, yet purposeful – it’s important to define why a work space is there, and how it should be used.
  3. Start with the basics: a clear floor plan will help to guide your decisions. Once you have the structure nailed, you can start looking at office furniture and storage, then eventually office consumables such as pens, paper and stationary. With Gregsons auctions for office supplies starting from as little as $1, you’ll be able to kit out your space without breaking the bank.

Once you’ve got a clear vision and business plan to work with, check out our auctions and get inspired – we have a large range of storage solutions, office furniture, office consumables and electronics to help get you underway to building the ideal office space.