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Our home and whitegoods auctions are perfect for new homeowners and tenants 

3 Min Read

Our home and whitegoods auctions are perfect for new homeowners and tenants 

As a new homeowner or tenant, there are so many things to consider when moving into your property! From booking your removalists and organising your change of address, to cleaning out your old property and setting up your new one!

It’s challenging enough to try and stay on top of all these tasks, never mind trying to do them on a budget! Gregsons hold a large number of home and whitegoods auctions throughout the year, which are perfect if you’re looking to easily buy and sell items when moving out.

We’ve put together a list of the essential items for new homeowners and tenants, which you’re able to get at a Gregsons auction for a fraction of the recommended retail price. Hassle-free online shopping, without the price tag – perfect!


  1. Second Hand Whitegoods

Whitegoods tend to be on the pricey side – a brand new fridge, dishwasher and washing machine can set you back at least $2000, which is going to sting on top of all the other expenses involved with moving into a new place!

If you’re trying to cut costs, opting for used fridges and other second-hand whitegoods could save you thousands of dollars rather than buying brand new! Keep an eye out for our home, kitchen and whitegoods auctions, as you might be lucky enough to find some of these items at clearance or second-hand prices.


  1. Vacuum Cleaners

No matter what type of property you’re moving into, a high quality vacuum cleaner is an essential in every household! Cordless options are all the rage at the moment, but tend to be more expensive than the traditional models.

Once you’ve decided on the price range you’re looking at, check out our home auctions for new and second-hand vacuums. We also sell a selection of spare parts if your current vacuum is in need of a refresh!


  1. Kitchenware

So you’ve got the kitchen of your dreams, but nothing to cook with or eat on – eek! Where to start? We have a few ideas.

In June 2018, prominent whitegoods and kitchenware retailer Kambo’s went into administration, and Gregsons acquired thousands of items to auction. We’ve held 18 auctions so far, and have several more planned for 2019! Each auction sells a wide range of high quality kitchen items, from dinner sets and serving items to induction cookers and coffee machines!

Check out our Kambo’s Kitchen blog to find out more about our kitchen appliance auctions and what you can expect to find!


  1. Home Furniture

The right furniture has the ability to make a house feel like a home! From sofas and coffee tables to dining tables and chairs – the possibilities are endless!

Once you’re set on the new items you’re seeking for your home, make sure you choose a theme or style that suits the interior. You might love the idea of that bright orange throw, but is it going to complement your blue sofa?

By having a clear idea of what style and price range you’re looking at, you’ll be able to narrow down your furniture selection and bring your vision to life. At Gregsons, we have plenty of high quality furniture items up for grabs, including sofas, cabinets, tables and more!

Keep an eye out on the Gregsons website and Facebook page for all our upcoming home and white goods auctions! You can also subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with exclusive Club Gregson updates and auction information.

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