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Gregsons Guide: 10 tools every homeowner should have

4 Min Read

Being a homeowner has its pros and cons. While it’s a lifelong investment that offers security and freedom, it also comes with a large amount of responsibility. In other words, if something breaks – it’s up to you to fix it!


To help ease the burden, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tools that will save the day next time you encounter a loose floorboard or leaky tap. Grab these essentials from the next Gregsons tool auction, and you’ll always be prepared for DIY jobs around the house!



Did you know the hammer is one of civilisation’s oldest tools, dating back more than 3 million years? It’s safe to say it’s earned its place as an essential tool! The trusty hammer is favoured for being solid and reliable, but it’s also extremely versatile when it comes to quick fixes and home improvements, from simple picture hooks to custom coat racks. 


Pruning shears

Does your new home have an outdoor area? Well put those feeble scissors back in the kitchen drawer where they belong. For garden maintenance, you need to upgrade to a quality pair of pruning shears. Strong enough to cut through hard branches of trees and shrubs, even if they are a few cm thick, pruning shears are essential for homeowners with an outdoor area to maintain.


Power drill

Just like a hammer but with an electric motor, the power drill may be one of the most useful tools that could possibly enter your toolbox. Perfect for a job that needs a lot of screws, make sure you invest in a power drill with a wide variety of attachments to ensure you have the right fit for any DIY project you want to tackle!


Screwdriver set

The simple screwdriver is not to be underrated – you never know when you’ll need it (hint: that new paint can is going to be a lot easier to open with one of these!) Cheap heads break easily, so investing in a good quality set of screwdrivers in a variety of shapes and lengths will save you money in the long run. For DIY newbies, start with a variety of sizes for Phillips, Slotted and Stubby heads.



Cut through the noise (and lots of other materials) with the essential hacksaw. Perfect for resizing wood, plastic or metal, the sturdy saw can take plenty of wear and tear throughout the years. Tip: newbies can opt for a simple hand saw if only smaller scale cutting is required.


Adjustable pliers

For that extra bit of gripping power and stability, look no further than a pair of adjustable pliers. Like most tools, they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so figure out what your key uses might be before purchasing – pliers can grip, cut, bend, twist and adjust – but different models will be better suited to certain uses.


Allen keys

Often overlooked as an essential, allen keys (also known as Hex keys) are the type of tool you don’t think you need until you really do (tip: you’re gonna need one of these to finish building your new IKEA table!) The specific shape of allen keys makes it an incredibly versatile tool: from assembling flatpack furniture, to picking door locks, to fixing bikes – we guarantee when disaster strikes, you’ll be grateful you have an allen key in your tool box.


Stanley knife

We like to think of old stanley as a bit of a workhorse. From opening boxes to cutting sheet material, he’s always there to get the job done. Make sure you keep one of these sharp, retractable blades in your toolbox, and you’ll always feel ready for action.



Dripping tap? You’ll need a wrench to fix that. When it comes to the homeowner toolbox, you may not need a full set of wrenches to use around the house – an adjustable crescent wrench will see you through most essential tasks. With the ability to narrow or widen the jaws, these useful wrenches will prepare you for any job.


Tape measure

Last but not least: do it nice, or do it twice with the trusty tape measure. Whether you’re buying a new bed, painting your walls, or replacing your carpet, being able to accurately measure for these home improvement tasks is crucial. Get yourself the retractable kind for best accuracy and make sure it’s long enough!


Gregsons tool auctions

Want to stock up your toolbox but don’t want to break the bank? At Gregsons’ tool auctions, you’ll often be able to find these toolbox essentials at lower prices than RRP – perfect for new homeowners looking to manage their budget!


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