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Fire sale: Wedding dresses going cheap after Perth bridal shop blaze

2 Min Read

Gregsons Auctioneers were recently featured online with WAtoday showcasing an upcoming bridal dress clearance auction being held, check out the details and links below!


A wedding dress can determine how ‘smoking’ a bride looks on their big day – and now there are hundreds of dresses up for grabs starting as cheap as $9 to take that to a literal level.

Gregsons Auctioneers on Wednesday opened bidding on nearly 200 wedding dresses smoke-damaged in a fire next to a northern suburbs bridal shop in April.

Gregsons general manager Jack Gregson said each dress started at $9, far cheaper than their estimated values when new, which ranged from $500 to $2000.

Mr Gregson said despite the ‘smoke damaged’ description, the dresses were in great condition.

“The dresses are from an insurance claim of a prominent Perth bridal shop due to smoke damage caused by a neighbouring property but there are no damage to the dresses themselves,” he said.

“I couldn’t smell anything on them, they look pretty much near perfect condition, I didn’t notice anything.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the people of Perth to secure their dream wedding dress at an absolute bargain price – which could be a much-needed reprieve for some people in this current economic environment.”

Mr Gregson said he was unsure how the high the bidding would go.

“With most of our auction with low-value items, we start them at $9 and its hard to gauge where they will go from there,” he said.

“There are a lot of them so there will be a lot of bargains to be had.”

Gregsons usually deals in mining and earthmoving machinery and Mr Gregson admitted he wasn’t across the brands but had been told by other staff there were some gems.

“There’s lots of dresses from Helen Fontaine and Drop Dead Gorgeous, I don’t know if that’s a good brand or not, I’d just have scroll through and see what you can find,” he said.

“Our focus is normal heavy earth moving, mining and industrial but we do everything based on contracts.

“We have a lot of weird and wonderful items coming through so we’re used to dealing with left of centre items.

Bidding closes next Monday and Tuesday from 6pm, inspections are being held this Friday (9am to 4pm) and Saturday (9am to 12 noon).”


Check out the article by following this link: Click Here

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