Cooking for a Cause – Ronald McDonald House: Home for Dinner

9th Aug 2018

Cooking for a Cause – Ronald McDonald House: Home for Dinner

Gregsons Auctioneers had the pleasure in assisting with the Home for Dinner Program for Ronald McDonald House with our very close friends of HLB Mann Judd, GBF Underground Mining & Diamond Hire. Not only was it a load of good fun, but also a rewarding experience and for a great cause. Ronald McDonald house is a haven for keeping families close whilst providing a home away from home for those with children undergoing treatment at Perth’s Children Hospital.

Several Gregsons Auctioneers staff and associates assisted in the preparation of meals for the families. All participants were split into teams of 2 and were prepared to take part in cooking and serving 8 different Asian Fusion dishes. Prior to the commencement of cooking, the Head Chef went through the kitchen and food procedures. Everyone was soon to be on their way to cooking up a storm for the families.

The kitchen was well equipped with industrial ovens, fryers, fridges and much more! Dishes that were cooked included teriyaki pork, sweet & sour seafood, rice noodle stir fry, potato green beans and carrots, soy ginger mushrooms, nut free chicken satay & fish of the day. There were several complex dishes which the team seemed to have down pat from the very minute they started. The kitchen was filled with laughter and a great sense of teamwork.

During this time, the team were shown around the Ronald McDonald House where they got to meet several families and children. What was so amazing were the high spirits of these children and families. Post our Ronald McDonald House tour, we continued with the cooking. Considering we are not chefs at Gregsons, the smells coming out of the kitchen from the food we were cooking were nothing less of amazing. Once the cooking was over, it was time to eat! We were impressed with our cooking efforts and the families seemed to be content too. We got to enjoy eating our food with some of the families where we spoke about life and other wonderful things. There were sounds of happiness and laughter from the children which filled the room, leaving a content and happy ambiance.

After dinner, we packed up the kitchen and tidied up the dining room. It was a good time to reflect on what a wonderful and uplifting experience it was. All Gregsons team members and some of our associates really enjoyed their experience at Ronald McDonald House. Not only is this experience a phenomenal team building exercise, but it is also for a fantastic cause.

We would love to extend a thank you to Ronald McDonald House for having us and teaching us some really delicious recipes that we can share with our families and friends going forward. We would also like to thank Greg & Tenielle Quinn from HLB Mann Judd, Tony & Wendy Sandover from GBF Underground Mining and Ken & Nicky Craig from Diamond Hire for accompanying us in this experience. You know what they say… team work makes the dream work!

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