Check out these classic models from our boat and yacht auctions. Oh buoy!

1st Aug 2018


Every year Gregson’s oversee a great deal of boat auctions, from sleek ships to sturdy sea trawlers. Here we take a look at some of our favourites.

In many ways the auction process is one of the most effective ways to realise a boat or yachts maximum value. As well as selling to an audience with serious intent, competition between buyers can also be seriously leveraged. In a similar fashion to car auctions, the make, year or model can often influence the price, especially if it’s quite rare or in high demand. And that’s certainly the case with the first boat in our a list.

2007 Beneteau MonteCarlo 37 Luxury Motor Cruiser

Dreamed up by famed Italian designer Pierangelo Andreani, this powerboat oozes luxury and mediterranean flair. The MonteCarlo 37 signalled the first in a new range of open powerboats, combing luxury, space and comfort.

Despite being designed as small and agile, the steering station still manages to accommodate a plush bucket seat for the pilot and a two seat bench for passengers. Below deck is a galley and dinette that seats six in comfort, along with two cabins sleeping four persons. Every inch of space is used creatively, with a shower compartment accessed from the saloon along with ‘secret’ doors and foldaway drawers inside to utilize every inch of space.

And, as you would expect from such a make, the MonteCarlo doesn’t disappoint on the performance side. Horsepower comes from a pair of Volvo D4 turbo-intercooled diesels, providing some serious bang for your buck. This little number had us purring the moment we laid eyes on her.

2014 Nautique Super Air G23

Built specifically for water skiing, the Nautique Super Air built a reputation for itself by producing the best wakes and surf waves in the industry. The unique G-Series hull design can be adjusted with the press of a button on the LINC system, allowing you to customise the waves the boat creates for any skill level, without sacrificing driving performance. So whether you’re a pro and keen to perfect your style, or completely new to the sport and want to test some gentle waves, the G23 is your first mate.

1988 GBB Aluminium Ex-Fisheries Charter Crew Boat

For the past two decades Southerly Designs have been a pioneer of high speed aluminium vessels. Originally renowned for developing lobster fishing boats, the maritime manufacturers were quick to expand their fleet to cater for a broader range of clientele. Consistent with all models was the ability for long range and high speed capabilities, making them suitable for international law enforcement, offshore support, fishing and tourism.

This particular GBB model was intended for deep sea water fishing, crabbing and fish farming. With a sturdy, safety conscious shell, the GBB handles well in extreme conditions, the perfect vessel for long weekend at sea.

Keep your eyes peeled and a compass to hand for more bargains in our upcoming boats and yacht auctions.