Big machines and big changes in the mining industry

26th Mar 2018

Gregsons is looking forward to a very lucrative year of mining machinery. We conducted the disposal on behalf of the Administrator in the matter of Brierty Ltd including a very large range of mining, civil and construction equipment. It was one of the largest online auctions Gregsons has ever handled. We sold a large number of Mining equipment pieces which resulted in over 40+ Auctions with 2,600+ lots, 4,297 Bidders and $18 million in sales. From the largest 250tn excavators to the smallest workshop tools we saw 93.5% of lots sold in their first auction with 100% clearance rates at the end of the 3-month auction campaign. While the Brierty administration may be a look into an uncertain future for WA mining industry, we are encouraged by the entrepreneurs that have taken advantage of the opportunity to gain equipment. So what does this mean for the WA mining industry?

At Gregsons we keep a close eye on industry trends and have taken a deeper look at WA mining predictions as a whole. With 300+ liquidations in the construction industry in 2017 and over 20 in the mining category according to ASIC Statistics, we would expect similar and potentially more appointments on the horizon for 2018. This will inevitably lead to further opportunities for our buyers to acquire equipment to expand their fleets.

We are excited to see the new mining equipment that was sold at Gregsons in 2017 with the Liebherr R9250 Excavators, 789 Dump Trucks and 992k CAT Wheel Loader all being put to use. These Big Machines are making big changes for mining in WA.