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Your Guide To Buying At Gregsons

Buying is simple at Gregsons

Gregsons have acquired some of the best auction software in the world to bring our buyers a seamless buying experience!

1. Register

To start buying at Gregsons auctions simply become a member of the type of auction you want to bid on being online or simulcast

  1. Online Account setup – bidding online only
  2. Simulcast Account setup – bidding in person and online simultaneously

After you have registered, online bids can be placed at anytime for the duration of an auction or during the live auction if simulcast – Most online auctions last 7 days and simulcast auctions are live on the day.

We believe in building a trusted platform for both buyers and sellers. As part of this, we require credit card information upon registration for an auction. All invoice totals (inc GST & BP) below $2,000 total will be directly charged to customers credit cards.

2. Explore

Now that you are a member you can use the BUY link at the top of the website to be directed to all current events Gregsons have!

3. Bid

Depending on the type of auction you are interested in the bidding will differ.

Online Auctions 

In general you will have 7 days to bid with the bidding ceasing in lot order at a certain time on a certain day, you can enter any bid amount as long as it is greater than the current bid or starting bid or simply click ‘BID’ and the system will bid at the preset increment.

Simulcast Auctions 

This style of auction is live so buyers can either bid online through the bidding system or attend the auction in person and bid live. If you are bidding online this is in real time so you must be listening well and ready to push BID if you want the item.

Regardless of the auction type, make sure you double check whether the auction is GST Inclusive or GST Exclusive as well as the Buyers Premium amount, this will make sure you don’t have any surprises when the invoice arrives!

4. Winning

Depending on which type of auction you bid on will determine how you are notified of the successful purchase.

If you have bid in one of our online auctions you will receive an email from the system confirming your winning bid or alternatively you can check all your winning bids in the ‘My Items’ section, if you bid in a simulcast auction you will be notified by an email with invoice from our office.

5. Payment

Either jump online and pay through your ‘Invoices’ section or check the invoice via email you receive for the relevant banking details, its that simple.. but make sure you are quick, payment terms are generally 48 hours after which our friendly office staff will be calling 🙂

6. Collection

The location of the items will be identified in each auction, be careful to check as items could be anywhere. Collection is the buyers responsibility and must take place before the end of the collection period which can be anywhere from 2 days to 7 days, if the goods are left behind after this date unfortunately they are considered to be unwanted and abandoned!

Transport & Shipping

  • Don't feel like picking up? See our friends at MeeMeep
    to arrange a courier!


  • Are your auction items sailing away? See McLintock Freight Forwarders to arrange all your shipping & export needs


    McLintock Freight Forwarders
  • Bought something big and yellow at auction and need it moved? Call our friends at Loadshift to have it delivered to your door!


Now that you know how easy it is, just hit Start Browsing to grab a deal!

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