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13th Jul 2017
The Next Major Event Auction – do not miss out!
ONLINE MAJOR EVENT EARTHMOVING, TRANSPORT & MOBILE CRANE CLEARANCE AUCTION   Gregsons will soon be undertaking one of the Major Event Perth auctions of 2017 on behalf of  a major construction, building and mining corporation. The auction will comprise approx 30+ lots of major and minor Earthmoving, Transport & Mobile Crane equipment...
5th Jul 2017
Gregsons Over Gumtree
Browsing and buying online is great when it goes smoothly. Unfortunately, we can all recall a time when things went sideways – maybe the item was damaged when it finally arrived from overseas, or the person who listed their item for sale in a local forum turned out to be...
28th Jun 2017
But, What Can I Sell With Gregsons?
Since 1929 Gregsons have been the premier WA auctioneers which means always moving with the times. We may have started out small selling war blankets from a shopfront on King St but nowadays we handle an incredible range of goods for businesses looking to reach thousands of public buyers. After all, those...
20th Jun 2017
Making The Most Of EOFY Auctions
The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is just around the corner which means now is the perfect time to think about upgrading machinery and equipment for the year ahead. We appreciate times are tight for a lot of manufacturing and mining outfits so there isn’t always cash to splash on the...
22nd May 2017
One Man’s Trash: Why We Love Other People’s Stuff
The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has stuck around for hundreds of years because it has always been true – what one person decides they no longer want could now be yours for a song at auction. Owning some things from new makes sense. You wouldn’t seek...
16th May 2017
Auctions: How Did We Get Here
Gregsons have been around for a while and we’re good at what we do, but we’d be stretching the truth a bit if we said we invented auctions. That honour goes back a couple of thousand years at least. Even so, a lot of things have changed for auctioneers and valuers...
16th May 2017
The Biggest Auction of 2017: The results are in!
Mining and construction are integral parts of the Australian economy, especially the Western Australian economy. Our slice of this big island is home to 111 primary resource projects and hundreds of smaller mines and quarries, producing more than 50 different commodities. It should come as no surprise then, when mining equipment...
29th Mar 2017
Bidding Strategies: How to Bid to Win an Online Auction
Do you keep missing out on that coveted item or getting outbid by a small amount at the last minute? It’s not you, it’s us…actually, maybe it is you. There is a little bit of skill involved in online auction bidding but we are happy to teach you the tricks. Research...


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